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Guest House

Photo In Charge Guest House
Shailesh Kamat
Jr. Engineer (In-Charge Guest House)

The live baccarat online India has two guest houses located on its green campus overseeing the scenic beauty:

  • Main Guest House
  • live baccarat online India Guest House

The accommodation is mainly meant for the guests of the live baccarat online India either invited or attending the programmes at the live baccarat online India campus.

Accommodation at a glance:

Guest House Phone Nos. (STD code: 0832) No. of Air-Conditioned rooms (& beds) No. of non Air-Conditioned rooms (& beds)
Main Guest House +91-8669609042 (Manager)
+91-8669609080 (Reception and Canteen)
13 (26) 33 (100)
live baccarat online India Guest House +91-8669609081 (Manager)
+91-8669609082 (Reception and Canteen)
24 (30) 2 (2)

The tariff (Amount in Indian Rupees):

Type of a Room Occupancy Charges for Faculty / Officials invited on live baccarat online India duty Charges for delegates / speakers attending Conference, Seminars, Workshops, etc., organized by Depts. / live baccarat online India Charges for Indian Students Charges for Officials from UGC, DST, MU, Other live baccarat online India, Affiliated Colleges, Govt. Bodies and other visitors
(A) (B) (C) (D)
Non-AC Single 150 500 200 800
Double 300 800 400 1000
Extra Person 100 200 200 300
AC Single 400 1000 NA 1200
Double 800 1500 NA 1800
Extra Person 200 400 NA 500

Terms and conditions:

  • While providing accommodation, the requirements as prescribed by the Government of Goa in terms of Identity documents etc., shall be mandatory and the same shall be strictly followed by the official handling the said assignment.
  • Faculty/ Officials on live baccarat online India Duty (A): Faculty/ Official invited by the live baccarat online India such as examiners, BOS members, Members of various Authority of live baccarat online India, Academic Audit Committee members, experts on selection Committees, invited guest teachers in tejury-event.comg departments on Goa live baccarat online India Official duty shall be given priority for providing accommodation. Spouse, Family members accompanying the Official/ faculty on live baccarat online India duty will be charged as per Column (A) (Spouse +1 Child). Subsequent to the cessation of official duty, continuation of stay shall be restricted depending upon other bookings.
  • All the Official Guests of live baccarat online India shall be treated as live baccarat online India Guests and no payment shall be collected from such Guests for providing accommodation. The accommodation charges for such guests shall be debited from the respective departments / sections against their budget heads in the form of book adjustments.
  • Charges for delegates attending Conference, Seminars, Workshops (B): Applicable for persons, invited speakers, attending the conference, seminar, workshop etc organized or Co-organized by Goa live baccarat online India with partial or full support from various agencies.
  • Charges for Indian Students (C): Applicable for students from any state/ city or from affiliated colleges of live baccarat online India, coming for research work, educational trips, field trips, sports activities with authorization letter from concerned Institution or live baccarat online India on minimum of Four sharing basis.
  • Students attending the Seminar/ Conference/ Workshop shall not be charged on student rates and will be charged on rates as per (B).
  • Charges for Officials from affiliated Institutions, UGC, DST, AlU, Govt. Bodies and other visitors / teachers (D): Applicable for the said officials from any place visiting Goa on personal or official work not connected to live baccarat online India. These charges are applicable even to friends and relatives of the employees of live baccarat online India and affiliated colleges. Accommodation in this category shall be provided only on availability after accommodating the live baccarat online India Official Guests.
  • AC Rooms in the Guest House for official guests will be allotted only with the prior approval of the Registrar.
  • 10 Non-AC and 3 AC rooms shall be reserved to accommodate the live baccarat online India guests/Examiners at any moment of time and the required directions shall be issued by the Registrar seven days in advance to release the same to accommodate the other guests in case the university does not need to retain the said rooms.
  • In case of "C" and "D" category visitors, the accommodation, if available, shall be processed by the official In-charge, Guest House without referring the matter to Registrar. In all other cases / category, the accommodation requests shall be approved by the Registrar.